A Time Zone Converter Script Command for Raycast

Alex Jones
2 min readJan 23, 2023

To make it easier when working with people around the globe.

I’ve just published my first script command: Time Converter, which takes a time (local to your machine), one or more locations, and pastes the time for each time zone.

A screenshot that shows the Raycast interface, with the command for the Time Zone converter script with the values ‘3 PM’, ‘NYC, London, Kolkata’ and ‘list’.
A screenshot of the command in action


Examples typed in US Central Timezone:

3 PM NYC, London, Kolkata list

This is interpreted as a command to output the times in New York City, London, and Kolkata that match 3PM (I’m in US Central) as a list”, which returns:

• 4:00 PM - NYC
• 9:00 PM - London
• 2:30 AM - Kolkata

3PM NYC, London, Kolkata inline

“Output the times in New York City, London, and Kolkata that match 3PM my time, inline”returns:

4:00 PM NYC / 9:00 PM London / 2:30 AM Kolkata

10AM (nothing else specified):

This will output the times for the default cities (Austin, TX, London, Sofia, Bulgaria in the default inline format) returns:

10:00 AM Austin / 4:00 PM London / 6:00 PM Sofia

The command understands both 24-hour and 12-hour notation (the latter AM/PM or am/pm), with or without minutes as well as “fuzzy” times, such as “now”, “in an hour”, or “4PM tomorrow”.

Hopefully, others find it as helpful as I do. I’d love feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Make sure to review the setup notes. This command requires Python 3.10+ and has a couple of dependencies that you may need to install. If anyone knows how to auto-install those packages for end-users, I’d love to hear about it to smooth the experience.

Download the time Converter Script Command here.

Credits & Acknowledgements

Inspired by the Timezone Expander Alfred workflow by Devon Zuegel



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